Ray Stevens is a funny guy.

He’s also a multiple Grammy Award winning songwriter, singer, producer, performer, musician, arranger and now the proud owner of Nashville’s premier performance venue, CabaRay! Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom, opening in late 2017, is a state-of-the-art Vegas style showroom complete with piano lounge, premium dining and beverage service, gift shop, recording studio, television production facilities, and office complex.
Located on River Road, right off the Charlotte Pike exit on Interstate 40, just 10 minutes west of Downtown Nashville. Ray Stevens will be performing regularly in this 700+ seat venue in addition to other great entertainment events.

When visiting Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame and Ryman Auditorium have always been “must see” stops on any itinerary and Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom will soon be added to that list. Ray has decorated the interior as an homage to his colleagues and mentors, the giants of the Nashville recording industry. There are theater and honky-tonk bar experiences to be had in Nashville and even big arena events from time to time, but Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom will offer something completely different: excellent food and drink service prior to fantastic shows in a Vegas-style showroom, up close and personal with your favorite artists!