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Bill Lowery High Spirits Emporium

A prominent feature of the CabaRay Showroom is the Bill Lowery High Spirits Emporium Piano Bar.  There is a huge picture of the affable Mr. Lowery overlooking the entire area. If it weren’t for Bill Lowery, there may not have been a Ray Stevens.

At seventeen years old, music publisher Bill Lowery hired Ray as a songwriter. Ray wrote the song “Silver Bracelet”, Bill Lowery loved it, and so did Capitol Records and as they say, the rest is history. Without Bill Lowery, no one would have heard of Ray Stevens, Jerry Reed, Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps, Joe South, Mac Davis, The Tams, Bertie Higgins, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Classics IV and all of their great hits.

Singer and keyboard artist, John Jonethis, performs live in the CabaRay Piano Bar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening 5:00 to 7:30 and post show until closing, singing favorites from The American Songbook plus many of today’s romantic and dance hits.